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Tecnifibre TFight ISO 305

Tecnifibre TFight ISO 305

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Introducing the TFight ISO 305! Endorsed by Daniil Medvedev, this stick combines the precision of a 98-square-inch head with the kind of stability and plow-through that experienced players crave. It also packs a fairly tight 18x19 string pattern, resulting in excellent command over the ball's depth and trajectory. Against big hitters, the TFight ISO 305 shines as it redirects higher levels of pace with ease. It also delivers plenty of pop to the experienced player who can leverage its mass. For 2022, Tecnifibre not only updates this stick with a more arm-friendly flex point, it also adds its ISOFLEX System which utilizes variable beam stiffness to create a more forgiving and consistent feeling string bed. Other features include Tecnifibre's innovative RS Section Beam, which combines square and elliptical shapes to deliver the perfect balance between control and power. In addition to reinforcing the yoke for greater stability, the TFIGHT 305 has been injected with Foam giving it a wonderfully solid feel at impact. Ultimately, with improved feel and a more predictable string bed, this is a must demo for experienced players who want stability, precision, and feel


Head size 98 in2 - Length  27” - Beam 22.5mm

Unstrung weight 305g / 10.8oz - Strung weight 320g / 11.3oz

Unstrung balance 325mm - Strung balance 3 pts HL

Swing weight 335 - Stiffness 64 - String pattern 18x19

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