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Tecnifibre TF40 305 18x20

Tecnifibre TF40 305 18x20

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Tecnifibre adds another chapter to the TF40 305 (18x20)! Like the previous generation, this racquet combines the laser-like precision of a dense 18x20 string pattern with great ball feedback and enough mass to comfortably redirect higher levels of pace. Although it isn't quite as spin-friendly as the TF40 305 (16x19), our playtesters had no problem shaping the ball's trajectory with spin. Technologies include a stable RS Sharp beam along with Dynacore XTC for extra touch, dwell time and pocketing. This racquet also has Foam Inside for a more solid feel at impact. All in all, this update to TF40 305 keeps a good thing going. Experienced players looking for more of a classic feeling player's racquet should love this one


Head size 98 in2 - Length  27” - Beam 22mm

Unstrung weight 305g / 10.7oz - Strung weight 323g / 11.4oz

Unstrung balance 325mm - Strung balance 3 pts HL

Swing weight 328 - Stiffness 64 - String pattern 18x20

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