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Tecnifibre Razor Soft 40ft/12m

Tecnifibre Razor Soft 40ft/12m

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Used by ATP phenom Daniil Medvedev Razor Soft offers polyester players a phenomenal hitting experience, one that puts the surgical control and spin-friendly precision of the original Razor Code into a slightly more forgiving package .
Razor Soft's magic comes in part from a high modulus polyester (used in the original Razor Code). This material compound gives it the kind of control that enables aggressive players to execute their biggest, most ambitious strokes without fear of overhitting (and it also helps explain why a player like Medvedev prefers it). To help with feel and comfort, Tecnifibre infuses the core with a flexible polyurethane, giving it a slight boost in pocketing over the original Razor Code. Ultimately this is one of the best options for experienced players looking for maximum control on full swings. The fact that Razor Soft's playability last longer than many competing strings is a very nice bonus.

  • Gauge: 16/1.30 , 17/1.25 , 18/1.20

  • Length: 40ft/12.2m

  • Composition: Co-polyester monofilament

  • Color: Dark Gray

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