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Babolat RPM Soft set 40ft/12m

Babolat RPM Soft set 40ft/12m

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The new, more forgiving variety is designed to offer a friendlier response with a greater injection of pace. It’s constructed with three layers: A flexible polyamide central core to cushion impact; aramid powder mixed in the co-polyamide middle layer for durability; and an outer layer containing silicone to enhance string movement.

Almost like a hybrid-in-one string, it’s more durable and precise than a multifilament, while being softer than a polyester. As such, it doesn’t have quite the spin, control and toughness as the Blast, but beats it hands-down in the power and comfort departments. And for the stringers out there, the composition makes it an easier install than a typical poly.

Gauge: 16G/1.30mm , 17G/1.25mm

Color: Brown, Grey

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