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Babolat RPM Blast + RPM Soft hybrid

Babolat RPM Blast + RPM Soft hybrid

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Babolat combines RPM Blast, one game's most iconic (and spin-friendly) polys, with RPM Soft, an ultra-comfortable polyamide  (nylon) monofilament. As such, this combo offers a greater range of playability than is offered by a single-string type. Players looking for more control and durability should put RPM Blast in the mains. Players looking for more comfort and power should put RPM Soft in the mains

  • Gauge:
    • RPM Blast: 17/1.25mm
    • RPM Soft:  16/1.30mm
  • Length:
    • RPM Blast: 40ft/12.2m
    • RPM Soft:  40ft/12.2m
  • Composition:
    • RPM Blast - Co-polyester monofilament
    • RPM Soft: Polyamide core with two co-polyamide wraps
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