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Babolat Pro Tour 3 pack overgrips

Babolat Pro Tour 3 pack overgrips

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Because you are a regular player, you know exactly what you need. You need a sticky overgrip that combines comfort, feel and absorption. The Pro Tour overgrip perfectly meets these expectations. No wonder it has been used for years by professional tennis and padel players



With its non-woven construction 100% made out of rayonne, we created a Pro Tour grip that will provide you with great moisture absorption. No wonder why the Pro Tour is one of our best sellers on tour !


With its 0.6mm thickness, we made sure is thick enough to offer a great blend of cushioning and feel.


We also developed this over grip to make it tacky enough to secure a strong grip before you hit the ball, but not too tacky to help you easily change your grip for the next shot.


Sport: All Sports
Type: Comfort
Absorption Level:4/5
Thickness: 0.6 mm / 0.02 in
Tackiness: Tacky
Length: 115 cm / 45 in
Composition non-woven 100% Rayonne, PU enduction

 Made In Taiwan

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