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Babolat Tour Original 3-pack overgrip

Babolat Tour Original 3-pack overgrip

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You told us you need absorption to play each point with full confidence, but you hate that tacky feel that most over grips feature today. This is the reason why we incorporated some silk material within the Tour Original, that will provide you with this soft and dry feel you’ve been looking for



You asked for high absorption, so we listened and worked on innovative recipes. We incorporated some silk within the lay up of the Tour Original overgrip to enable high moisture management. Now famous for its high absorption properties, we are pleased to confirm you the Silk Powder technology will also provide you with an unrivaled soft & dry feeling, no matter what the humidity conditions are.


With its 0.55mm thickness, we designed the Tour Original thick enough to provide you with a very balanced feel in your hand: something not too direct and not too soft either.


Sport: All Sports
Type: Comfort
Absorption Level: 4/5
Thickness: 0.55 mm / 0.02 in
Tackiness: Dry
Length: 115 cm / 45 in
Composition: non-woven 70% PET and 30%PA, PU enduction
Made In China
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